Monday, March 26, 2012

The week in photos

Pastry tasting

Being lazy on the terrace with the cat

Winning at French scrabble with only 154 points

A drawing of Tyler and me courtesy of P.
The other day P. wanted to have a mini art contest with me so we each drew two pictures and the family had to vote for their favorite. Of course P. was the winner. What sort of monster would vote against the 7-year-old? This is the winning illustration -- her depiction of me and Tyler dreaming of our wedding day (Nous rêvons de mariage.). And Tyler, don't worry about her misspelling of your name -- I promise I'm not marrying some new guy named Taylor. Also, contrary to the drawing, I'm not suddenly so ample-bosomed. 

I have just three more weeks to go and I feel like there is still so much that I haven't seen even just in France! Travel buddies?

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