Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Olympic flame, no Olympic games!

Monday was my second to last day at one of my schools. The CM1 (4th grade) class has been working on a set of English lessons for weeks revolving around a 'quest' and the upcoming Olympics in London. In short, one of six suspects stole the Olympic flame and during this week's lesson, they finally eliminated the last suspect and discovered who stole the flame. Surprise, surprise, it was Jessy, the character with the most suspicious-looking mugshot.

"Jessy" wrote the class a letter that the teacher asked me to read to the class... in French. Turns out that Jessy isn't a Brit at all... she's French! She was upset that the Olympic games were going to take place in London instead of Paris and so she stole the flame so that the Olympics couldn't happen at all. However, after the wonderful five weeks of learning about London and its tourist attractions, Jessy had a change of heart and decided to return the Olympic flame. Aww...

"On te pardonne, Katrin--euh, Jessy!"
"Mais non, elle avait raison! Il faut la voler!" 

("We forgive you, Katrin--er, Jessy!"
"No, she was right! We should steal the Olympic flame!")

Then the teacher proceeded to tell the kids that not only was Jessy a French girl disguised as a Brit, but that I was a French girl disguised as an American. They believed him for about five seconds. Greatest five seconds ever.

Wenlock, Olympic Games Mascot

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