Thursday, March 1, 2012

Enchilada Wednesday

Whenever someone asks me what I miss about home, Mexican food always comes up somewhere between family, friends, and bagels. I bought a bottle of Tabasco sauce months ago, but I always feel a little silly busting it out at the dinner table -- it doesn't exactly go with quiche and salad. However, my presence has piqued my host family's interest in spicy food. 

On a shopping trip while I was out of town, S. (the 11 year-old son) convinced Mme. T. to purchase this handy enchilada kit. I was a little skeptical (especially since I was the one in charge of making them), but they ended up tasting pretty good. The kit included tortillas, enchilada sauce, and spices. Add chicken, shredded cheese, and voila!

Not my enchiladas, but they looked fairly similar.
I only added half of the spice packet (a drop of Tabasco makes S. chug several glasses of water) and that was plenty for the French family. Next time I'm thinking of going the veggie route and maybe whipping up some guacamole. Or Serrano's bean dip? Yum.

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