Monday, March 5, 2012

Il Trovatore, the Beer Tour, Communism, etc.

In Prague I saw my first opera -- Il Trovatore. The opera house was beautiful and I loved that I was able to follow along with the English subtitles on the screen above the stage. 

Since the Czech Republic is pretty big on beer (that's an understatement by the way), we decided it would be wise to take a "beer tour." We went to three different pubs and tried four different beers and had the best tour guide. I'll have to see if I can steal a video clip from one of the girls to show you just how great he was -- his accent, intonation, and delivery were excellent.

Nikki in the second pub

Anna and me in the second pub

The third pub

Edward, our guide, in the colorful sweater facing the bar

We also checked out a quick jazz concert afterward.

On our last day in Prague we decided to check out the Communism museum.

I only took a picture of this because it said Weigel on it. :)

I think one of my favorite places we went to on the trip was an English bookstore/cafe/restaurant called Globe. I bought two books before we sat down for happy hour (beef nachos!) which turned into dinner which turned into a concert which turned into more drinks before we left. The place had such great atmosphere and we wished that we had another night to spend there.

Next up, Budapest!

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