Thursday, March 8, 2012

London Calling or That Time I Saw the Peter Pan Statue

A few photos of our short stay in London.

The view from the apartment we were fortunate enough to stay at with a friend of Anna's mom

In front of the National Gallery

Anna in the National Gallery

A quick shot in the National Gallery before I got yelled at for taking pictures. Oops.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Protests outside of St. Paul's

Italian Gardens in Hyde Park

The one place that I had to see in all of London was the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens. It may sound a little silly, but my main attraction to London is that, in my opinion, all the best children's authors are British and many of their stories take place in London to some extent. Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Narnia, every Roald Dahl book, etc. Thus why I needed to see this statue.

First photo attempt, but someone's adorable child did not want to leave that bunny on the bottom of the statue alone

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

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