Sunday, March 18, 2012

Montelimar: Ice cream and castles

I will be home in just one more month! I still love living in France with my host family of course, but I've been getting more and more anxious to get back to 'real life' again. I'll be spending my next month taking advantage of the rest of my time here with the food, places, and people I'll be missing very soon. Here are some pictures from this past weekend in Montelimar with Kayley and Evan. We had ice creams, played on the parapet and checked out the contemporary art exhibit at the Chateau Adhemar, and went to see The Iron Lady.

First ice cream of 2012 -- Dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate
Kayley taking a picture of Evan
Chateau Adhemar

Taking more pictures

A view of Montelimar

Parapet walk

More views of Montelimar

Evan, constantly standing out with his new mohawk, or rather his "crete iroquoise."

Tiny chairs

Weird artsy film

Projector shadow fun

Weird artsy film artifacts

Me in the cake

More strange contemporary art

I spotted my favorite French word -- pantoufle.

Another fun sign

As usual, expect another post with more Montelimar photos, courtesy of someone else's camera. 

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