Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why is it called the Palais de Tokyo?

While in Paris, we visited the modern art museum at the Palais de Tokyo and although I wasn't very impressed with their collection overall, I did find a few things that I liked. 

For one thing, there were groups of kids in the museum taking part in a sort of "art camp" where they learned about the different types of paintings and got to make a little art book as they went along. It was quite adorable.

Neat Eiffel Tower painting

My favorite color is yellow, in case you weren't aware.

In Ardeche there are wild boars called sangliers (kind of like the javelinas back home). This painting of one seriously creeped me out, not only because it's pretty gruesome, but also because I had already seen a dead sanglier on the back of someone's car. After I got back from vacation, I saw another dead one in a rowboat that three guys were taking down the Ardeche canyons and then later another sanglier ran across the highway in front of our car. That's three sanglier sightings in one month!

I didn't care very much for most of Bernard Buffet's paintings because they seemed like animation from a Tim Burton film but more gruesome. I did like this homage to Francoise Hardy though.

The most entertaining/odd part of the museum was a 90 minute video they had playing of a man sitting at a desk smashing objects with a large rock. We only started watching it toward the end, so you can see what a mess there was.

The rock

Here is a quick video I took of a portion of the film. If I recall correctly, it was aptly titled Smashing

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