Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Best Haunted House Dijon had to Offer

Let me preface this post by saying that in going to museums, I typically take photos of the following sorts of items:

a. the familiar
b. the aesthetically pleasing
c. the strange/amusing

What I usually end up with is a very ragtag band of photos that serves me no real purpose. 

For example, I can't very well use the following photo in any future classroom activity, nor could I get it blown-up to portrait size, framed, and mounted in my living room, even if the photo was of decent quality -- this picture wouldn't even make it into an album to be buried in the depths of a memory box. In fact, it's not even what most would consider to be blogworthy, unless they have the same odd sense of humor as me.

At least this photo shows what "art" first welcomed us into a museum depicting the history and life in Dijon and Burgundy overall. We were initially looking for the Musée de l’Art Sacrée, but the history museum ended up providing more entertainment than our original destination anyway.

Even now I'm not quite sure why the museum began with one man's vast collection of mannequins. All I know is that it's the closest I got to going to a haunted house this year because I am seriously afraid of life-size dolls -- especially when they have a look in their eyes that says they're about to come to life and smash through their glass encasement.

Nothing is more terrifying than a life-size baby doll. Is it supposed to be dead or sleeping?

Even once we walked past the main mannequin rooms, there were other objects of peculiar interest. Take this gas mask (?) for example.

Or this teddy bear that made me recall the Citizen Kane parody on The Simpsons with Bobo the bear. (Wait a minute...)

Or that time when I was talking to Tyler online and the picture got distorted.

The only thing that I find almost as creepy as mannequins is furs with animal heads still attached.

Not to mention mean old toys. Look at the concern on that rabbit's face.

I thought the polar bear was cute though.

Ah! Another mannequin!

These old wigs were just gross.

And now we get to the mustard memorabilia. Is the mustard really that good? Are they playing hide-and-seek? Is the upside-down child being bullied?

You would not believe how many old mustard jars they had displayed.

Ah! Another one!

I actually thought this clock was cool.

Pictures of French rooster sculptures are obligatory.

Fun fact: during hunting season, hunters will cut off one foot from their kill and nail it to their front door to show off their skills. No joke.

M. T (host dad) told me this and I didn't believe him, but now I've seen proof.

On a lighter note, here is a picture of a darling little old French lady and her box of ducklings.

Next up, the fine art museum!

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  1. This was a riot of a post! So many things so random. Very funny.