Friday, November 18, 2011

La nature -- Caves & Canyons

I spent the latter part of my Toussaint vacation exploring more of what Ardeche has to offer, including the caves and canyons just a short drive away from Bourg-St-Andeol. 

I could only describe it all as beautiful. The autumn colors were new to me (things pretty much just stay green in Arizona, except for a handful of trees) and although I have been to the Grand Canyon a few times, I found the Ardeche canyons equally fascinating. 

This cave looked like a mouth with a single tooth.

I stopped to take a picture of the ground because I liked the holes...

and then lodged my foot in a hole, tripped, and snapped this picture just as M. T was telling the kids to watch their step so that they didn't get their foot stuck in a hole. Oops.
The caves -- flashlight/headlamp required! Claustrophobia highly discouraged!

No Fraggle sightings. :(

A view from up high.

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