Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fine Art and Me

As mentioned in my last post, my criteria for picture-worthy art is a bit silly.

Category A: The familiar

The rockchuck/mole that was digging holes in the yard on our last Gig Harbor trip

Carmen Miranda (Benedetto Buglioni - Abundance)

Howard Keel singing "Sobbin' Women" in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Jean-Claude Naigeon -- The Rape of the Sabines)

Gnomes? The seven dwarfs?

The invention of the game Operation

Family inside joke: "We should have asked her what her favorite color cow is."

Category B: The aesthetically appealing

Georges Gaste -- Portrait de femme de Bou-Saada

Francois Rude -- Mercure rattachant sa talonniere

Zoom-in on Hermes/Mercury's winged sandals

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux -- Jeune pecheur a la coquille

Masks from 100 - 150 AD

Les pleurants du tombeau de Philippe le Hardi

Claude Domec -- The Great Icarus

Claude Domec -- The Unicorn at last captured by the Virgin's threads

Charles Lapique -- Castor et Pollux

Charles Lapique

Charles Lapique -- The Tiger of the Ming Dynasty

Charles Lapique -- Diane et Acteon

Charles Lapique -- Portrait of a Tiger

Category C: The strange/amusing

You would not believe the amount of skeletons and skulls in this museum.

Mean child strangling a turtle

Varying depictions of David and a headless Goliath -- I kept thinking the paintings were Salome and John the Baptist, but I guess the plate is an essential prop.

Bust of a man with a fat lip

A sleeping saint -- who sleeps like this??

The back of Louis XIV's hairdo

And my favorite: random animals in religious paintings

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  1. Well you know my favorite... The "Cow Joke" picture. But I love all of them!