Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My housing option...

As I mentioned in my other post, there is one other housing option for me in Bourg-St.-Andeol -- a few rooms in the upstairs of the school. When I first arrived on Wednesday and then saw the rooms on Thursday, I was still a little too jet-lagged to make clear decisions about housing, so I went back today to take some pictures and a video to show you all.

It's hard to tell since the video is so dark (no electricity), but although the place is quite spacious, it is also seriously dilapidated. Really. I'm still thinking over my options and I've started to check out leboncoin.fr and seloger.com, so we'll see. For now, here are some more photos...

 First big room
 2nd room? Or maybe just another view of the first?
 Third room
 Shower and sink
 Shower and sink again
Outlets. And some dirt in the corner.

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