Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Artist -- The Best Part of my Vacation Thus Far

I'm back from Dijon, Paris, and Rennes and have a ton of pictures to share, but for the moment I just want to post a trailer for the new silent film The Artist. I feel a bit silly saying that going to the movies was my favorite part of my vacation since I obviously could see the film from any movie theater just about anywhere in the world, but something about watching a silent film with French subtitles while surrounded by francophones just felt magical.

Obviously you can read reviews of the film on your own, but I found it to be a cross between Singin' in the Rain and Sunset Boulevard, as if Don Lockwood fell into obscurity and Kathy Selden went on to become a big star. There was a rain scene and even a Lina Lamont-esque character annoyed with the male lead for taking away "[her] public too!" 

All I can say is, you should go see this movie, and while you're at it, go watch Singin' in the Rain and Sunset Boulevard for me since I am miles from my DVD collection.

Pictures from my vacation coming soon!

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  1. I love that trailer. It looks really up my alley.