Thursday, July 3, 2008

A mere fraction of the pictures I've taken so far...

Me on our first night in the Grand Place in Brussels

Tyler next to graffiti David Bowie in Brussels

So much art!


Now that's what I call ultimate frisbee...

Tyler and I still don't know we feel about modern art...

Picasso et moi

Salvidor Dali painting

Sitting at the park in Brussels

Finding our way home from the museum

Belgian chocolates!

Mannekin Pis souvenirs

Beautiful canals in Amsterdam

Eating lunch with Tyler and Dave in Amsterdam

Amsterdam at night

Katie and Katie waiting for the rest of our bus tour...

Me in Lyon in front of the cathedrale St. Jean

Dave and Tyler in Amsterdam

Odd street performer

Outside the Van Gogh Museum

My room

The hallway to one of my classes

Vieux Lyon

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  1. I love all the pictures... especially seeing your room and the school where you are now so I can picture you. XOXO Mom