Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Exposé... ugh.

Today I had to give a presentation on Tempe and I felt like I was back in junior high. My hands would not stop shaking and I kept losing my place in my notes. It was so difficult to explain Tempe to the teacher because Arizona is just completely and utterly different from anywhere in Europe. I couldn't explain that Arizona is just too hot to have big public spaces like there are in Lyon. Here, you can just meet a friend in a plaza and hang out. In Arizona, you meet up at someone's house or at a restaurant or at a Starbucks to figure out what people feel like doing. If you go to a museum or a play, it's not really spur of the moment. Anyway, the presentation is over now, so I'm not going to think about it anymore. I just need to make sure that I do my best to participate more in class and not be so shy and nervous about speaking French.

But anyone that knows me knows that I'm a perfectionist. I love to participate in class, but I hate to make mistakes. And making mistakes is about one of the only ways that a person can really learn a foreign language - my mind just reels. I have to get over it if I want to succeed.

Anyway, I got some more groceries after school yesterday. My memorization for my scene in theater is going well and the only bad thing about my other classes is that when the teachers are late, the class ends up staying late. It stinks, but at least we're all dealing with it together. Everyone here is so nice and we all get along really well. It's awesome.

So tonight I think I'm going to go see Mars Attacks! across the street with some people. I haven't seen it before but it should be fun. They're playing it for free outside at the Musée de Lumière (the brothers that invented cinéma lived in Lyon so there's a big museum and theater right across from my residence).

I love and miss everyone!
Love love love,

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