Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This was the weather last week. On Tuesday, I walked through a light snow to get to work at the school that I just happen to live the furthest away from. But it was charming. I seldom see falling snow, so it felt a little magical. It also didn't snow enough to actually create snowmen or anything, so that was a bit of a letdown but not a big deal. Now, here is the weather this week:

No amount of Flagstaff and snowboarding trips has prepared me for this cold. The worst is the wind.

This region of France is famous for "le mistral" -- aka evil wind that is merely annoying when it's sunny and messes up your hair, but is lethal when it's already freezing outside. You know how in Arizona the shade is always ten degrees cooler than anywhere else? Well here the wind does the same, but obviously not in a pleasant way. And it doesn't help when people start talking about how next week it will be "10 below" because I constantly forget that they mean -10 degrees celsius, not -10 degrees fahrenheit.
Starting Friday I'm off to Lyon, Prague, Budapest, and London for vacation... a very fun, but still very cold vacation.

Oh dear...

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