Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home for the Holidays: A Ragtag Round-up

I have attempted to start this post about ten times and am always feeling too lazy to write. I try to journal about events before blogging about them so that I don't waste my storytelling -- not that writing on the blog is a waste, but I tend to not write about events if I've already typed them. Recopying/handwriting in my journal a post that took me 1/4 of the time to type... it's just no bueno. Trust me. I've done it before.

I promise I'll give better explanations later, but here is a ragtag round-up of photos from my past month.

Childhood Christmas books

Tyler & me


Mindy with her Christmas gift from P. -- a blue, butterfly barrette that she picked out from the market.

Brett with his Christmas gift from S. -- a French rugby poster.

On the road to California

San Francisco

Berkeley and the Campanile

Berkeley Sather Gate

Next post: Engagement story.

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