Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Four Eyes Part II

When I was a kid, I used to balk at the fact that my mother's eyesight was so poor that she was considered legally blind. Her poor eyesight was one of the many traits passed down to me (Thanks, Mom! I got your good traits too! :)).

I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade. Glasses were a pain. I couldn't wear sunglasses, swim with clear vision, or play sports as comfortably as I could have with contacts (not that my athletic ability was anything to brag about). I did not like to wear glasses, but my ever-worsening eyesight demanded them until I turned thirteen and finally got contacts. Ever since then, I've associated glasses with my awkward stage.

Exhibit A: 7th Grade Winter Formal
Exhibit B: Mismatch Day at school. I hope.

Every year, my eyesight becomes worse and worse, and last week I discovered that my contact prescription is even stronger than my mom's! Which makes me legally blind too! AHHH!

With this last eye appointment though, I decided to give glasses another shot and buy a pair that I would actually be willing to wear out in public as opposed to the last few minutes before I go to bed in the privacy of my own home. I associated my glasses so much with going to sleep that putting them on would literally make me sleepy. Looking to Miss Pandora (and of course Buddy Holly) for inspiration, I decided to get black frames.

Happy. :)

P.S. Bonnaroo pictures (and mayyyyybe video) to come!

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