Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things at work that amuse me.

1. When little French ladies think that I must be Russian since the name Katrina is of Russian origin.

2. When parents come in and can't figure out if I'm French or American at first glance.

3. When I think a kid must be from an American family and am dumbfounded when their foreign parents pick them up.

4. When the kids walk through the hallway as silent as mice and then turn into a pack of howling, screaming monkeys upon stepping one inch outside of the door.

5. When little girls write "No Boys Allowed" in chalk on their section of the sidewalk - in FOUR different languages.


  1. these kids sound funny and smart! i'm jealous of your new job! and really happy for you!!

  2. Thanks Colby! I love my mountainside kiddos too, but I'm really happy with the kids at my new job. They're awesome.