Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy busy busy.

I started my new job this week! I love it there. The kids are great, the hours go by fast, and I don't have to clean anything. And of course I get to use my French.

The first day was crazy because we weren't sure which kids were staying for the after-school program, but every day we get more and more kids. We start the day with free time playing with blocks, coloring, and playing games and then get them washing their hands and eating a snack by 4 o'clock. After that, they play outside, come inside for craft time, and then we close up at six. It's a nice short day and most of the parents pick up the kids before we even come back inside.

I have a few favorite kids already -- one little boy that always brings a giant Pound puppy stuffed animal and a little girl that never talks but always wants to play with me. Fun kids.

In other news, Tyler will be moving into an apartment tomorrow! I'm so excited for him and am happy to have a place to crash during the school year when I have breaks between class and work. There's no way I'm driving all the way back home before work when I have to commute to Scottsdale. I want to help pick out furniture and decorate, but I'll have to restrain myself and not pick anything too feminine such as...

a headboard made of old books found at apartment therapy

Design Sponge

Urban Outfitters (and for the rest of the items as well)

I love this shower curtain with the French vocabulary written all over it.
Tyler needs to learn some French anyway.

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