Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Laptop Heaven

I bought a laptop yesterday at Costco and oh my goodness do I love my webcam.

I talked with Tyler for at least two hours on it & I was in heaven.

I decided to not be mad that I spent the last four and a half years attempting to keep a long distance relationship going without this wonderful magnificent technology. I probably would never have gotten anything done. :) Now, I am perfectly happy to embrace this live chat awesomeness.
It's just crazy.
We spent half the time just staring at each other
and marveling at all the funny special effects you can make.
It was so fun.

Anyway, I went through our other computers around the house to upload all of my pictures, music, videos, documents and everything onto my new beautiful laptop and I ran across a gem that I would like to share. It's from Tyler's trip to Japan two summers ago where a bunch of guys started dancing to these guys playing music in mall or subway station - whatever that place is. Just one of those places that you wish you could go to while you're daydreaming in class.

I'm really excited about all of my classes this semester - especially all of the reading for French literature and African American Literature. Also, I'm really looking forward to my education classes so that I can really learn about what I'm going to be doing every day in the classroom. I can't wait to get started.


  1. hahaha that video is soo funny!
    i bet you loovvee your new laptop! when casey got hers she played with it for dayyss!!! and that webcam is way fun!