Saturday, October 25, 2008

Even if you go mild, you're still playing with fire. Ha ha. Hm.

This 1x2 inch packet is so much more lethal than the "Marry Me" V-Day conversation hearts. You think you're safe by getting mild sauce but no -
that Taco Bell mild sauce has the power
to make or break your relationship with your significant other.
I find this both hilarious and terrifying. What a proposal.
Anyway, last night the whole family went down to Gilbert High for Brett's JV football game and WOW.
Brett scored two, count 'em two, touchdowns against Highland, one of which was a 52 yard run to tie up the game. I speak for everyone when I say how excited, proud, and happy we are of him. He got his chance and he used it. When he jumped the fence to hug all of us, I don't think I was the only one with tears in my eyes.

Here's a picture from the game last week against Mesquite. Dad, Aaron, & Mom.

And the man of the hour, Brettsky.
It's an old picture back from 2005 but the pinky in the air was just too great not to post.

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