Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodbyes and guilt trips

This has been the week of the guilt trip. I had my last day at each of my schools and every day I accumulated more and more drawings and cards and "pourquoi-tu-dois-partir?"s. Here is a small sample of the going-away cards I've received. 

"Thank you for helping us to learn English vocabulary, names of animals, and song lyrics. We hope that you have a good return home."

"Thank you for helping us with English. Thanks to you we know lots of English things and with you we remember the English words. Thank you very much, Katrina. Happy Birthday."

"Thank you for the English classes with you. I would like for you to stay with us, but I can't even stay away from my parents for four days so I understand you want to go back."

"You are the best teacher in the world."

"Katrina, goodbye and thank you for everything and also happy birthday!!!!! I'm going to miss you!!!!!"

"Hi Katrina!!! I hope you have a happy birthday (early). Thank you for coming on Thursdays and one time on Tuesday. And I hope that you have a good (???). And thanks again for coming and working with us. I couldn't buy you a present. Goodbye, Happy Birthday" 

"Arizona, Funny, Smart, Darn? too bad that you're leaving, Unique, Don't Leave, Arizona"
"Katrina, Arizona, Very Pretty, Funny, Unforgettable, Don't leave, America"

"Thank you Katrina for being there for English, it was great. I'm going to write the names of cities and that way you can go visit them. They're United States cities: Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadephia, Miami, and the capital: Washington."

"Thank you Katrina for your help with English. I'm marking the cities where you can visit: New York, Havana, Mexico, Dallas, Washington, Los Ang, Canada. See you soon Katrina"

"Katrina, Adorable, Very Beautiful, Funny, Smart, Don't forget us, Arizona"

I'm going to miss these kids.

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