Friday, September 30, 2011

Look what I got today at la librairie et l'épicerie...

 L'épicerie basically means a grocery store or convenience store. I went there to pick something up for lunch (a late lunch, since almost all stores close in the middle of the day until about 3 or 3:30) and ended up with a can of ravioli (meh) and a box of PiM's. And then after I checked out I spotted some Kinder Eggs, so I will definitely be returning there soon.

I also went to la librairie (aka bookstore -- not library) and got myself a bit of light reading. We'll see how Roald Dahl's humor translates in French.

I also stopped by the tourism office today to try and find out about the bus hours around Bourg-St.-Andeol. The woman at the office was friendly, but unfortunately not very helpful because she was just subbing for someone today and the person that could actually help me won't be in until Tuesday. Should I be concerned that someone from the town sitting in the tourism office can't tell me anything about the bus service within Bourg-St.-Andeol? Hopefully my host family will know a bit more.

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  1. Oh Roald Dahl in French! That will be fun. What are PiMs? Cookies?