Thursday, October 14, 2010

My afternoon

My afternoon consisted of

dishes (without the luxury of a dishwasher),
candy corn,
and Amelie.
And I've spent the better part of this week looking up pictures online of short haircuts.
I love the haircut I got back in August, but it's growing and getting puffier every day, so the time has come to cut out the rest of my leftover perm from last December.
I have a hair appointment for Friday morning. I'll probably go back and forth between a short bob and a pixie cut about a million times before Friday, picking whichever one happens to be in my mental rotation once I get to the salon.


  1. my votes on the Carey Mulligan cut! so cute, and it suits your hair type, n'est pas? p.s. i <3 amelie too!!!

  2. We'll see what happens. Part of me just wants to take the plunge with Carey's pixie cut, but I'll most likely chicken out. :P