Monday, June 23, 2008

A new blog for adventures in new countries...

I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow and thought that it would be easier to just have a page that everyone can see rather than bothering with e-mails and stuff.

If anybody wants a postcard, send me your address via facebook or comment or e-mail, etc. :)


  1. You read my blog :) I can officially total my readership to 5 haha. Hope Europe is a blast so far!!!

  2. Haha, I just started reading it and it always makes me laugh/learn something. :)

  3. katie,
    Hello, I just spent about an hour (OK, maybe more) looking through all your pictures, and reading your novel!!!! I loved it (except for the pick pocket). Wow, I can't believe that happened! Since then it seems like you are actually living in my "dream world";Places I have always dreamed of going. Your pics are fabulous. Thanks for those. Remember how truly lucky you are to be there, and remember how blessed you are to have a great family ( and a overly excited aunt) waiting for you when you come back, haha. keep typing and sending pics for me. Love you and miss ya! Tammy